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Our Work

Judge Marjorie Rendell and local school students pose at the judge's bench in federal courtroomWe are engaged in a bold experiment to create democracies in elementary schools that increase youth’s civic literacy and civic engagement.

We work with K-8 schools to build civic curriculum so students learn and practice the knowledge and skills of effective active citizenship. Our work is in three areas: Literacy Based Programs and Experiential Learning Exercises for students, and Professional Development Opportunities for teachers.

Our Year in Review

Since our beginning, every year has brought increased success and awareness across our programs and learning events, and increases in the number of stakeholders who support our mission and volunteer their time and expertise.

Read our most recent year in review letters to get a better perspective on the impact we make:

students engage in a mock trial with Judge Marjorie Rendell“The children were able to use skills and strategies, which we had been using all year to analyze literary elements. By creating the trial, the children were able to see the importance of these skills and how they are used in the real world. They were using the skills for a purpose and not just in isolation, which makes it more meaningful.”