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Maggie’s Civics Corner

Illustration of a Golden Retriver dog named Maggie Rendell

Meet Maggie Rendell

On behalf of the Rendell Center, welcome to my very own civics corner! This area gives me the opportunity to share with you my wisdom about your role as a citizen. On a regular basis, I will post lessons that you can share with your family and work through together. The lessons are fun and filled with great things to learn!

Maggie’s Civics Corner is a tribute to the Rendell Center dog Maggie. Animals are a wonderful way to teach rights and responsibilities in a safe and welcoming way. The lessons posted here will consist of:

  1. A Daily Sticky Situation – A sticky situation provides a way for you to engage with your students/children in a discussion of a unique problem, thereby having our youngest citizens practice their active engagement and creative problem-solving skills.
  2. Civics lesson with discussion questions.
  3. Civics resources for continued learning.

Civics Lessons

Maggie’s Summer Civics Learning Kit

This summer, civics learning doesn’t need to take a break. We’ve prepared a downloadable kit of lessons that includes activities you can share with your family and friends as you enjoy the Dog Days of Summer! See you at the pool!


Lessons 1-10 Lessons 11-20 Lessons 21-30 Lessons 31-40


Special Freedom of Speech Lesson – The Art of the Protest (PDF)

Special Memorial Day Lesson 2020 (PDF)

Literature-Based Mock Trials

In addition to our daily lessons, we invite you to discover the impact of our Literature-Based Mock Trials!

These mock trials are designed to focus on the literature that the students are reading in the classroom. The goal is to enrich the students’ learning experience with the literature while teaching them about the American government and its judicial system. Check out our training section for videos and other instruction on implementing mock trials successfully.

Download our Literature-Based Mock Trials Handbook for step-by-step instruction on how to bring mock trials to your teaching and home instruction.

Additional Resources

We also provide lessons for your read aloud activities. These companion materials feature helpful reflections essential to cultivating successful and engaging read alouds for our youngest citizens.

For more information about lessons and materials and other teachers’ tools, email Beth Specker, Executive Director: bspecker@rendellcenter.org